Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A friend's blog

We went to college with Nita & Drew. They married right out of college and have lived a life dedicated to the Lord. They are such a godly couple, and amazing parents to their 4 boys. They are leaders in their church and both are blessed with beautiful voices. Sadly, 9 births and many miles between us have kept us from seeing one another like we would enjoy. We still consider them dear friends. A year ago, Nita and Drew lost their precious youngest son, Brock. Brock was almost 3, and he was so full of LIFE! Her blog is titled, Live Hard, Love Hard, and Run to Jesus because of Brock's wonderful zest for life. He is so very missed. Through their inconceivable sadness and grief, Nita and Drew have blessed others by allowing them to see them grieve. In every post, Nita points the reader back to the Lord. She has not turned her back on Him, even on her most difficult days. Her words will help you as you struggle in your own life and face difficulty or loss. I thought you all might enjoy reading her blog because you, too, will be greatly blessed. You can also rejoice with her as she and Drew have some exciting news!

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Kappa Prep said...

I just went over and read a number of their newest posts. How wonderful that your friends are pregnant not long after the one year anniversary of losing Brock!!!