Friday, April 17, 2009

UNC Children's Hospital

Our children were born at UNC Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC. We are thankful they are TRUE Tarheels!!! We are most thankful for God's providence and for the EXCELLENT doctors and nurses who cared for our precious angels during their delivery and time in the NICU. Without such esteemed staff, our little ones might not be triumphant 8 year olds today! UNC Children's Hospital serves ALL of the children of North Carolina and even children from other states. It is a wonderful hospital. However, as with any hospital, there are always needs that are not being met. We try to give to UNC Children's Hospital through NC Children's Promise whenever we can. You can do so too by clicking HERE. If you have ever had a sick child, you know what it means to have the best place to take them. Please consider giving to this wonderful institution or a hospital like it in your area! With a faltering economy, hospitals and ministries need us MORE THAN EVER!

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