Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recession Proof Supper Club!

Rice & Black Beans
We had rice and beans for dinner one night last week. It inspired me to think of fun toppings for a rice and black beans supper club. Cheddar cheese, salsa, onions, and sour cream were our toppings. Some other ideas include olives, tomatoes, jalopenos, cilantro, lettuce, and fritos, I thought it might be fun to put out all of these fun toppings for Supper Club. It's delicious, healthy, and much less expensive than steak! You could serve sangria with it.

Spuds & Duds
I have always wanted to have a Spuds & Duds Supper Club.... any ole Duds will do!
Basically, brush baking potatoes with olive oil and sprinkle kosher salt on them. Wrap in tin foil & cook for at least an hour at 450* until they are soft.

Then, put out toppings just like the ones above for rice and black beans. You could also try chili, brocolli, cheese sauce, chives, grilled chicken, and other things.


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