Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Neutrogena Sunblock Stick

This is my favorite new thing for spring & summer! Living in the land of fun and sun, you NEED sunscreen. It is a MUST for everyday. It is especially important for children. My smart friend, W, shared this sunblock with us over the weekend at the beach. I am now a huge fan of the Neutrogena sunblock stick. You can buy it at Amazon.com. You'll be glad you did! I love these sticks because they are wider like a deodorant stick, so it is much, much easier to cover the face. It is also easy to get near your children's eyes without getting in their eyes. You just roll it on each side of their nose, over their forehead, over the cheeks, under the nose, and on the chin. Voila!

Hawaiian Tropic also makes a stick with 50 sunblock. It looks like this:

You can buy it at drugstore.com

You are going to love it!! Happy Shopping. I also found these items at CVS & our local grocery store, Publix. I did not find them at Target!


EntertainingMom said...

I have been using this for years. Love all Neutrogena sun products and they are the only "inexpensive" sun items I can use on Rebecca's super sensitive skin. The sunblock stick is also good on receding hairlines as it doesn't make hair really greasy, tops of kids ears and I use it on my lips all the time!

Melissa said...

Totally with you!!! This is my favorite sunscreen and my kids will actually use it. Bonus!