Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Toddlers in flight

It is no easy task to fly with a toddler. It is no easy task to do anything with a toddler! I have found that having a child age 17 months until 3 years is one of my toughest times of being a mama. At first they can understand you but can't talk. Then, they can talk back and scream, "NO! I TWO!!", as our 2 year old does. They throw tantrums, but they are also adorably precious. Our niece and my sister-in-law just traveled to see us. Poor A, my sis-in-law, had to use the powder room. Let me just tell you, it is NASTY to take a little peapod into those dirty bathrooms. Gross. Disgusting. A is so smart. She didn't want Miss M to touch ANYTHING (and this was prior to the outbreak of THE HOG FLU WHOOP DE DOO). So, A creatively started a game with Miss M. "M, touch your.... nose..." or "Touch your head and pat it 3 times". M thought this was hilarious! She was fully entertained and happily left the nasty bathroom without touching one single nasty thing. You might want to try this game in other public places too!


pink green & southern said...

GREAT idea! P.S. I love those babies in those pink bubbles!!!

The 5 Bickies said...

What a great idea!

I love the adorable legs sticking out of bubbles!!!!!