Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Favorite Restaurant

My favorite restaurant in the whole world is Mi Cocina. It is fantastic! Visit There are 15 locations in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Our 2 favorites are at Highland Park & Preston/Forest. DH & I lived in Dallas for 3 years when we were first married. We made some of our very best friends there. We also ate at Mi Cocina WEEKLY. As in EVERY. Single. Week. We would split the chicken fajitas, which were only $9.95 at the time. Now they're only $13.95 & you could still split them. We'd sometimes splurge on Sunset sauce for $1.50. Even with 2 beers or 2 Diet Cokes, our bill was under $20 way back in 1995-1998. YUM.

Mi Cocina is also famous for a drink, the Mambo Taxi Limousine. It is a frozen margarita/sangria mix with a shot of chambourd (raspberry liqueur).


Melissa said...

Girl, you just come on back and I'll take you for a little Mi Cocina. I love the Rico Salad! Doesn't get much better!

pink green & southern said...

Oh how I love Tex-Mex!

Kappa Prep said...

Nothing else in the world compares to MiCo! I used to go multiple times a week, but now I try to go every other week or so. I LOVE their bean and cheese nachos and their queso is the best in the world!