Wednesday, April 8, 2009

When you have guests...

When you have guests, it is fun to do little things to make them feel welcome. I try to pretend I am a hotel and if I remember (I forgot to do some of these things this time), then I will do things like this:

-Buy postcards of our city and stamp them so that guests can mail them to friends and family with ease

-Buy special chocolates or goodies for evening turndown service

-If children are not asleep in the room, do turndown service

-Put a gift on their bed to welcome them

-Stock the refrigerator with their favorites (My friend, F, always has Diet Pepsi waiting for me. B did the same thing 2 weeks ago)

-Send a survey before they arrive to see what they prefer

-Put out fresh towels. My friend, B, often ties hers with a bow

-Empty the trash daily & offer to clean their bathroom during their stay

-Fresh flowers would be nice, but I did not do this. And, I forgot to light the cute candle I put in their bathroom!

What things do you do? Please share!!


theluckiestmrs said...

This post is so fun! It's so thoughtful, and isn't always fun to host friends and family?

Some things I like to also do for guests:
...put both girl and guy friendly bath products in the shower
... keep a little basket near the nightstand for little luxuries like lavender hand cream, magazine, a couple books, sleep mask, night light (just in case!), etc.
...It's also nice to have two different thicknesses/types of pillows on their bed (firm/soft or feather/synthetic!)

p.s. Love your blog! ;)

Kappa Prep said...

You are such a wonder hostess! Guests must just love coming to your house as you put so much thought into their time spent with you!

pink green & southern said...

You are a lovely hostess!

webmaster said...
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