Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Doorbell at 8am

I walked to the door assuming one of the children had forgotten something and my sweet friend had come back to get it for them. It was a TruGreen Lawn guy. What is most unnerving is that he had driven up at 7:40am while I loaded children into my friend's car and told my husband goodbye. It was at least 15 minutes later when he rang my doorbell. It made me so uneasy. Did he sit and wait for everyone to drive away or did it just happen to take 15 minutes? Why would anyone solicit business at 8am? I HATE door-to-door solicitors. It is an invasion of my privacy. It is an invasion of our private property. I'm sorry times are tough, but I cannot rescue you. My safety, and the safety of my children, is more important than the measly $5 you might make off of me. I have had it. I put a "No Solicitors" sign at the door. I was so fired up that I wanted to go buy a gun so that I can come to the front door window and say, "May I help you?" with a gun sticking through the window!!! There are too many break-ins, rapes, and awful crimes that happen because we all feel like we are hurting someone's feelings by not opening the door. Protect yourself. Don't open the door!


pink green & southern said...

I hate them too and I NEVER open the door for them. They make think I am crazy but I am safe!

BTW, I would NEVER do business with a copy that showed up at my door uninvited.

preppyinnewengland said...

You should call the company with a complaint. Anyone of us would certainly feel uneasy about that! Door solictors are just no longer welcomed in our society today. All he had to do was leave a flyer with his card in your mailbox!

2 Little Irish Boys said...

Visiting for the first time!
I always have a note on my door, and yes that would be so unnerving.

TWA said...

I 100% completely agree. I work in a retail store and you would not believe how many solicitors come in the store trying to sell us ridiculous spa treatments and stuff. Then they harass our customers in the store which makes the customer uncomfortable and leave. I completely agree, we all know things are tough right now but corning people and making them feel obligated to buy something from you is just not good business and will undoubtedly backfire.