Thursday, January 21, 2010


This weekend is the fun Gasparilla Children's Parade! Our town is very excited about this event. The Children's Parade is like the real Gasparilla, but it is served family-style, which Mama Henley prefers! There will be less hoochie mamas and more baby mamas seen on Bayshore on Saturday. Last year we moved to town less than 2 weeks before the festivities began. This year I can say things like, "We always go to so-and-so's house to watch the parade. She invites our whole church." Yeah, I'm all "we always" now and no one has to know that always means once, right?

To get into the fun, I made a treasure chest cake. I can't take the credit; I found the idea on the internet, but isn't it cute?! I love it and the children had fun decorating it.

My cute new friend, Kim, is an artist, as in a real-my-paintings-hang-in-really-nice-galleries-kind-of-artist. She helped me paint this cute pirate shirt for our son! She drew on a whiteboard and I painted on the t-shirt. She painted darling ones for our girls in the time it took me to paint one. Happy Gasparilla!! Surrender the booty!


Bama Girl said...

Have a GREAT time! :-) XOXO

Sherrie said...

Have fun! I'm not sure I understand what Gasparilla is. Is that the name of the town? Cute cakes!

Travelbug Mom said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend coming up! Enjoy. The t-shirts are darling - be sure to KEEP them - I will be blogging in the future as to what to do with them.
Oh and yummy cake!

wendy said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! Looking forward to seeing the t-shirts at the parade!

Beth Dunn said...

Need southern ladies perspective on PM. Southern ladies are so stylish. email me a beth at socialclimbers dot net.

JMW said...

Sounds fun - I've never heard of it! Be sure to recap. Would love to hear more.

pink green & southern said...

This Gasparilla sounds like a blast!!! And those shirts are the cutest things I have ever seen!

I love the "we always" comment. Such a small town southern thing I think!

Imjustagirl said...

Cute shirts! Hope you have a blast!

The B Family said...

Happy Gasparilla!
What cute ideas!
We'll unfortunately be missing the parade this weekend--catch some beads for us!
And. . . speaking of "booty", have you ever been to the night parade? Lord have mercy! I went once and my eyes are still recovering!
Have fun!

bevysblog said...

How fun! Have a wonderful time with your friends who you "always" watch the parade with... LOL! Such fun to decorate for it too!