Monday, January 11, 2010


I am the oldest child in my family and have 2 younger brothers. I adore them. Thankfully we are close even in adulthood. In fact, I remarked to hubby the other day that I love that we are FRIENDS. DH & I love nothing more than to spend time with my brothers and our fabulous sisters in law. We all share a lot of common interests and even more laughs. I wouldn't trade my brothers for the world and feel like I finally have two sisters.

I've never experienced what it's like to have a sister. I imagine it is a very close bond that is enjoyed over shared interests, shared clothes, and even shared rooms. Now that I am a mama, I am able to enjoy watching 4 sisters interact. They are so close to one another and adore their big brother too. Our two oldest girls love one another. Now sometimes they do fight, and that's to be expected when you share a birthday, a room, and a teacher! However, it is so much fun when they laugh and giggle and play together like they did yesterday. I guess this is what you do when it is TOO COLD IN FLORIDA to play outside! Aren't they hilarious?!


Travelbug Mom said...

So cute! Looks like you should be bra shopping!! hahah. I have 5 sisters (4 older, 1 younger) no brothers. I have 3 boys and a girl. I try not to think about her not having a sister (it makes me sad), but like you said, she has a possibility of 3 SIL's.

Sherrie said...

I have three brothers and three sons so thank goodness for my mom!

Pearls and Grace said...

What a cute picture!! So happy for you that you have 2 brothers and 2 sister in loves! You are blessed with such a big family!!!

Thank you for your sweet comments. I answered you back in the comments section under the Sugar Plum Fairy post. But just in case you didn't see it....there is anything perfect going on over here!!! :) I know you can relate with a house FULL of little ones. I'm lucky if I get a shower.....can I get an AMEN?

Big Hug!!!

bevysblog said...

Just my sister and me... love her to death! And miss her too! Don't talk to each other nearly as much as we should... but I know she is always there for me!

Jo said...

My brother and I are very close even though we live so far a part. Our parents passed away many years ago and we promised each other to stay close and always be involved in the children's lives.

Love the outfits! :)


pink green & southern said...

I have a younger brother whom I adore but not having a sister I too love watching my girls together--so sweet! And maddening too, when they fight, but still adorable!